[weds] Takeover (page 8: Plot.)


I think I forgot to write about Bob. What about Bob?


She changed clothes during the break for tea. Mostly because I got tired of drawing the shirt I wasn't wearing anymore.

If I were Eric, I'd be a little worried about this plan to "fix" him. God only knows what that could lead to.

As long as the fix is wholly unrelated to Mr. Milholland's admonition that we should spay catgirls, I think Eric will be fine.

On the other hand, should the fix be related to such subjects, Eric may wish to go shopping for a steel codpiece before Wednesday makes it across the pond.

To fix him so that he can POST, people. Geeeez!

Alas, poor Eric, we hardly knew him. He shall awake to a wide grin and a pair of shears.

There is no castration involved in this plot!

Sheesh! The man's already gone through puberty and he sings just fine!

You could have just wanting to have been giving him a hair cut.. y'know.. "Fix him up right!" .. Honest, that's where my brain was going.. Really!

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