[weds] Takeover! (page six)


Page six. Ideally, you should be pretending that she's listening to this. Or possibly "In the 21st Century" by Men Without Hats.


Alternatives are "Art Star" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Break Me" (a remix of "Animal") by Front 242, "Ache Beautiful" by Mike Roe, or "The Grave and Beyond" by Zombina and the Skeletones -- basically, stuff that iTunes was throwing at me while I drew this.

But, I mean, I'm a big old fan of Bill Mallonee and I want to take every excuse to send you out to listen to his stuff, so of course I'm going to end up recommending you envision those lyrics first. Particularly the first two lines of verse two there. Because, dude, comic books.

please note, because I love to say it, that Comic-Nation is a handy way to keep track of webcomic updates.

Lyndon: I'm hella reluctant to do that when this is just, ultimately, some combination of "weds gets over her stage fright so that she can work on Secret Projects" and "filler that went too far." :)

Wait, this is filler? Is it drawn on paper or directly on the computer? It looks sketchy but the lines are a little too clean to just be a scanned sketch...

This is all drawn in Alias Sketchbook Pro (dear world: please drop £90 on my head so that I can buy this gorgeous piece of gorgeousness; I will never again mock the lotto) and assembled in Photoshop (lettered there, panels put together there). Using a Wacom Graphire3 tablet.

hi. none of your posts make sense to me.

Seconded. It's almost like I've missed a paragraph somewhere.

Well, I don't know if it's the intended gag, but compare Wednesday's visible bookmarks to Eric's You Had Me And You Lost Me list. :)

I'm in agreement with Chris. I saw the bookmarks she had and started to giggle... in a *groan* kind of way.

Chris wins the cookie.

Shoot. I noticed that and just didn't comment on it. I could have had a cookie! *sob* Oh well... mmm, tea...

I'm more amused, really, by the fact that she has the Malleus Maleficarum in her bookmarks.

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