[weds] Takeover! [page five]


This is what drinking all the tea in one go feels like. Page five.

Everyone should go and drink all their tea. I'm just saying.


mmmmm.... Nice Butt!

Im sorry. I couldnt resist. Thats bootylicious.

Hello, China? I have something you may want, but it's going to cost you... That's right, all the tea..

Yeah... drinking tea... I had 12 cups of Earl Grey and 2 of Green one night... and early morning. It was nice until I could feel the blood vessels in my head pulsing. Oh, and I didn't know what this "sleep" think was for awhile.

I just like how to draw yourself. You look so cute and evil at the same time. And cheerful!

After reading these, I had to put on the Futurama episode where Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee and then enters into Caffeine Nirvana. *grin* And have a cup of green tea. *bigger grin*

Ah! and to think i have been drinking decaf (Tea, Earl Grey, Hot) all week... it is all i have left! whimper...

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