[w] We were wondering, if you recall: what is a lake of fire?


I do believe, sir, that it fails to be on.

For example, I see you doing nothing to remedy the situation. Here, we have an extensive history of apology, and yet there is no post about Alberto.

Here is the gauntlet. Come, Lord Jesus. What, exactly, is the problem with the definitions therein? I mean. Sheesh. Dude.

Everyone knows what apostasy is.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I think somebody has been selling these guys lapsang souchong that has gone bad or something.

Yeah, I know what Apostasy is... now.

You're just lucky that Firefox has that Dictionary.com thinigie up there. Boy howdy you'd be in trouble.

Dude. I'm just trying to get the man to write something that isn't all, like, Piro.

It amuses me that Chick thinks someone who doesn't know what whore means'll know what prostitute means.

Hm. It reads like a translation where the translator wasn't always sure of the intended word, so put in both. And then no one went back to check with the original author and see which to use, so the parentheticals stayed in.

Have I completely missed why we're talking about Alberto as opposed to any other Chick tract, or indeed anything else?

Because if we're going to be talking about random things, we should be talking about sporks.

Consider this an edit: to get Eric to write something that isn't all, like, Piro, all he needs to do is actually produce something, and avoid writing about how people are starting to complain that he hasn't updated the cast page in four years. This should be easy to achieve.

I want to visit 'a huggy, kissy christian church'... all I ever get are limp handshakes.

Huggy churches are overrated. Been there, done that, felt like scrubbing my personal space with steel wool afterwards.

Man, I loved Huggy Church on those old Starsky and Hell shows. He got soul. He super bad.

You know, Alberto is the ultimate undercover Catholic sleeper agent. I think that maybe Jack Chick HIMSELF should be worried. Isn't it possible that Alberto is laying the groundwork for his most dangerous assignment yet -- bringing down that great enemy of the Papistry, CHICK?

It's totally Alias.

Morbid curiosity compells me to ask:

Why does Chick (or his letteter) but the asterisks before the word? That seems off.

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