The last day of indulgence on Gossamer Commons. Well, sort of.

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(From Gossamer Commons. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Splash!)

As before, this is not a Snark. This is the strip Greg and I write, therefore I can't very well be snarking it, can I? Of course I recommend it -- I wrote it -- but I can't pretend to be unbiased, now can I?

As said earlier this week, this first week I figure people will forgive me the indulgence of mentioning each new strip as it came out. Moving forward, I'll do my level best to only bring Gossamer Commons up when it has some relevance to a point I'm making, or something of interest beyond the strip proper, or if I'm totally out of ideas for writing snarks. Or if I write about it because I want to.

What? Hey, look. You're not paying for this, you know.

Anyway -- we've got a splash page, and we've got the first overtly magical element in the series. This also happens to be the artwork Greg's done that I like the most, so far. The shadows and crosshatching on the walls are beautiful, the perspective is fantastic... it's just plain cool.

This has been a great week. It really has. We've gotten a good amount of attention -- far more than most comic strips get in their first week -- and we're both conscious of that and humbled by it. Response has been overwhelmingly positive (especially after we got out of the prologue and into the prelude to Chapter One, where... well, "things" started happening), and the negatives have been phrased constructively.

There's a ton of people I need to thank, for all their help and suggestions leading up to the launch of Gossamer Commons. A partial list (I'm not sure I could get everyone) in no order to speak of has to include Chris Angelini, Shaenon Garrity, Randy Milholland, Scott Kurtz, Joey Manley, T Campbell, Frank Orzechowicz, Roland Burns, Jon Robertson, Dian Burns, William George, Alexander Danner, Lisa Bankert, Dave Van Domelen, Chris Meadows, Russ Allbery, Bruce Baugh, David Bolack, Lon Underwood, the readers and commenters of Websnark, the Comixpedia gang (most particularly Xerexes and Kelly), and viewers like you.

And, of course, Greg Holkan before anyone, and Wednesday White, for all her help in sewing the costumes.

Anyone not mentioned above who should be should assume I just haven't had enough coffee yet this morning and it went clean out of my head. And naturally, Greg's list would look considerably different.

Thanks, everyone. I hope folks keep liking it.


A weird fairy dude trapped on top of a sewer grate? My interest in this comic has certainly increased. Shame on me for assuming it would be another "real life" comic from the previous entries ^_^

Hey! Thumbs up right back at yah!

Looks more like a fairy dudette to me, but as long as there's only one of them it doesn't really matter, does it?

I like what you've done with the cast page so far - it sounds it's written with the intent to revise it as the story progresses.


The idea is, each Friday I'll update the "About" page (which will have a basic synopsis), the "Cast" page (to reflect changes from the past week), and the "FAQ" (as necessary). I figure if I do this once a week, there won't be so much work I need to do at any one time, and people can jump right in whenever they want to.

About time. :) I suppose Dave Van DomeLAN would be me Legion of Net.Heroes Looniversal equivalent....

---Dave Van Domelen

Oh wah wah wah. You didn't even like the strip. ;)


How do you determine your maximum width for these?

maybe I'm in the wrong forum...

I'll wander over there--->

That splash page is... Well, it is awesome. I was going to make up a word and everything... But I think awesome will do. Although from the thumbnail, I thought the 'fairy' thing was actually a monkey-thing. Now I'm all disappointed.

And I'm also surprised to know that there's a 'Xerexes'... I feel like my online persona has suddenly become less valid. But it would explain a few cases of mistaken identity...

Eric..? You do a comic..?



Which is, of course, the primary reason you've always ranted in favor of Cast Pages in the first place.

Nice job. :-) I'm taking notes in case I ever get around to working on my own project.

And just remember, only you can prevent forest fires!

I don't know why I had to say that.

Oh, hey! Whoa!

I take it back. What you had going on in the prologue, that wasn't a hook. This... this is a hook.

You just cranked my curiosity up to 11. Well done.

Really awesome.

Great writing, instantly believable characters and nice artwork.

Site design's nice too.

I like the way you lack hypocrisy regarding the cast pages and such.

Just keep on groovin, EB.

Tsk. I didn't like the way the comic STARTED. There isn't enough "there" there yet to say if I like the comic overall. :)

I honestly have no idea what I did to merit thanks...but you're welcome. =)

You Lost Me, and then You Had Me.

Erm, except for the "Lost Me" part.

And the "Had Me" part, too, sort of, 'cause I'm not sure I like the way that sounds.

Okay, then: I wasn't reading it, and then I was. Am. Will Be. Whatever.

And that's my final offer.

By the way, note my use of "infinite canvas text," there, by allowing the reader to scroll down through my comments. I would have done it all sideways and stuff, but I know that Eric doesn't like that, and anyway, I keep getting these tiny little dents on the right side of my monitor when I do that.

Didn't David Foster Wallace write Infinite Text? I'm told it was fantastic, but the bookstores just couldn't keep it on the shelves.

No. Literally. It kept demolishing walls and bashing into the lingerie shop next door.

Well, yes.. infinite text would eventually end up in the XXX realm. It probably wanted some inspiration :p

And nothing wrong with "Shameless Plug" type posts regarding Gossamer Commons, Eric. :D

hmmm.. or should I have used "inevitably"....

danged english language with it's plethora of multivalued semantics. :p

Um, I've been accused of not always getting the joke, so forgive me if I blunder right across a pun, but the name of the book is Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace.

Yes. It was. And it got nicknamed "Infinite Text" around the house for a while because it was just so fucking *long*.

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