Stuff I meant to mention in the last snark, so don't kill me for monofocus!


For the record, we have all the bits and pieces one should have on a website like Gossamer Commons all ready for you. We now have a Forum, for example, and as active a forum community as we can possibly ask for on day 3 of the strip. For those who want RSS notification of new strips, we have an RSS feed for you! Because we love you! And of course, an RSS feed means we have a Livejournal Syndication Group people can use on LJ if they wish.

So... um... enjoy!


Also, we have a year's supply of the San Francisco treat (whatever the hell that means) for the loser, IE6/Win...

AHA! You said that it wasn't a snark! LIES!

Damn those wombat senses!

And we love you right back, especially for that RSS feed. Gossamer Commons is now one of the two strips I read where it doesn't have to be in my tabbed bookmarks, because I can be notified when it updates! Yaay! :)

Arachnid, have you ever hear of Comic-Nation, the free service that keeps track of all your comic updates for you? Especially ones without RSS feeds! I myself keep track of all 84 of the comics I read with it.

Yay RSS!

How about an iCal calendar feed too? ;)

One question: What the hell is RSS?

At the risk of pointing people to my own work, let alone a piece I think could be drastically improved upon, I went over this in some detail quite a while ago for Comixpedia.

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