Hey all -- this entry, so you know, is utterly cheating. I dozed much/most of the evening, after a week of travel and adrenalin. So this was done on Sunday, and backdated to Saturday, before I went back to sleep.

And the funny thing is, it didn't need to be. Weds had us perfectly covered! Covered with drawings! Good ones!

But that's neither here nor there.

I've had two interviews put up. The first was at Tux and Bunny, which is always fun. The interview itself is here.

The second was a far more formal -- one might even say absurdly formal -- affair at Modern Humor Authority. Capturing the zeitgeist is their stock in trade, of course, which means they interviewed me right at the moment that my impact was maximized. Now, of course, I am officially three minutes ago, going on four. But that snapshot of near-relevance has been immortalized on their website, in their own inimitable style.

Anyway. That's what there is. I'm going back to sleep.


That interview with MHA was... really, really strange. Great work!

"MHA. Does Eric Burns believe in ghosts?

EB. Oddly enough, ghosts don't believe in Eric Burns. Evidence has been presented to them, but they continue to scoff. There is no basis in the cold, hard world of Afterlife Science to accept the possibility of an Eric Burns's existence."

This is, in fact, one of the funnier things I've read recently. I laughed aloud.

Not a big fan of MHA (in fact I slightly hate their articles) but you handled their overly formal and odd questions wonderfully.

I like popping onto their frontpage and seeing the "Sin City is going to suck" fake letter and it immediatly saying nobody has seen it yet and it looks cool, but I just know it will suck.

Thank you internet.

That Sin City article is far from their worst. I stopped reading when in the same day one dipshit who equates Kurtz and Aeire with Cris fucking Crosby wrote an RK-bashing piece, and another interviewed Randy in a patronizingly sarcastic tone. The two were obviously aware of one another's actions, especially since one of them was the Editor-in-Cheif, the same guy who interviewed the esteemed Mr. Burns, actually.]

If this had happened to Fred Gallagher, there would have been a shitstorm. Actually, come to think of it, if it was him it might have been funny

In fact, when I saw the interview begin with the Gabe quote, I thought they were going to pull the same shit with Eric.

Lance Sharps' claim that MHA is the #1 source for webcomic review is like Colin Quinn's claim that he's underrated

Lance Sharps' claim that MHA is the #1 source for webcomic review is like Colin Quinn's claim that he's underrated

You... do know this is all a joke, don't you? Essentially online performance art?

Oh... Oh Shit. My bad...

But if the MHA is all a joke, then why isn't any of it funny? You know, aside from me following along as if it was all real...


Don't get me wrong, though... that line about the ghosts was fucking hilarious

It's antihumor, more or less. Actually, your reaction's pretty much what they were shooting for. No worries. ;)

Andy Kaufman was a master at this. Jim's Journal, which Scott Dikkers used to draw before the days of his running the Onion, also dove into it.

I read what I did sort of like I do the Onion .. I did like the mad obsession with parking ticket validation. ^_^ Very funny. Good job!

I figured something was amiss with the MHA article when it felt like the interviewer was playing a game of "let's try to use 5 or 6 words where 1 or 2 will suffice," not to mention "let's try to make our similes sound like we have a doctorate in pretension." It's good to see that that brand of "humor" still exists, though; if someone's writing doesn't provoke a reaction, then it's not very good is it?

I feel like an ass. That makes a lot more sense. I was not aware that this entire thing was meant to be so rediculous.

EB. I think it would probably have something to do with puppets. Puppets are like flash animation without the licensing costs, after all. Besides, if we've learned anything from Avenue Q, it's that America's hunger for puppets is just beginning to be recognized.

You would get along well with the Cave Monster Guy ( He makes comics and is a puppeteer!

How did the MHA interview take place? Was a list of questions submitted, was it done in person or over IM, or possibly e-mail... I'm curious.

(That, and I'm trying to work out that in the non-existant chance MHA interview me, what strategy would be best to take. I'm much wittier with the written word than in real life, where I'm kind of boring. It's always annoyed me somewhat.)

"Heck, I have two solid weeks of GC uploaded and ready to auto-update right now."


*Goes to read future comics*

Watership Down? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Maybe it's because I was strongarmed into reading the book by THE POWERS THAT BE (My blind 10th grade english teacher and his wife/assistant) Or maybe it's because I couldn't seperate blueberry from blackberry from beezlebub...maybe if the book had a cast page...


I read Watership Down at a pretty young age and was somewhere between loving it and being traumatized by it.

I remember it fondly, but I also remember being shocked at how dark it was.

I loved Watership Down as a child - still do, for that matter, though it's been some years since I looked at it. Ridiculous degree of anthropomorphisation, of course, but still. Emotionally connectivity to the max.

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