I'm not going to post here every time...


...but it's the first week. I get some slack on the first week, aren't I?

Anyway -- the new Gossamer Commons is up, and the older strips are now archived. This is mostly because Wednesday stayed up all night, because Wednesday is a better friend and WebMangler than we deserve.

We also have a forum now, so folks who are wont to discuss these things in a forum... well, can.

(EDIT: HTML is now fixed. Thanks, all!)


I'm afraid you've mucked up your HTML in this entry Eric... :(

Slack, slack, slack. Slack, Eric, slack.

I don't see a link to the forum on the website yet (don't mean to nag the Weds though), and the link in this text doesn't seem to actually link.

But I guessed it was at Talk About Comics when I saw that's where your hosting is (that's where Arthur, King of Time and Space's forum is too) and so found it anyway.

In particular, Eric, you've missed a closing double-quote in the first http://www.gossamercommons.com link.

Until that's fixed, the forum is here:


Weds found out there was a forum ten minutes ago.

The forum was created overnight. Linking to a nonexistent forum seemed wrong! And bad! Wrong and bad!

Perhaps even... badong?

There we go. -THIS- is how the comic should have begun. Of course, you have to go through a reiteration of every plot point revealed in the prologue strips, but at least here there's a mysterious last panel to hold the reader's attention.

Incidentally, the borderless panels, plus the shading, give a bright-sunshiny-day feel to the strip. It works quite well; good job.

Not badong. Clearly biltong.

Er, no, wait. biltong's nice.

God, I miss being in a country where jerky isn't some sort of bizarre import item.

The first/prior/next/last 'links' are still nothing but text, however.

The first/prior/next/last 'links' are still nothing but text, however.

They're going to continue to be text until Friday, when we have two strips in the CMS. (The prologue is seperate, so the CMS doesn't know it's there.)

The CMS doesn't let you backdate pre-existing strips? Boo, hiss!

I believe my reaction was somewhere between "shit," "fuck," and "I have a sword. I could fall upon it now." Yeah. Boo, hiss.

Dude. Anyone seen Anacrusis for today--I mean March 23rd, same day as this Websnark post?


Read its last sentence.

Is it a conspiracy or just a co-inkie-dink?

Check out the alt tag/rollover title for the entry.

Needless to say, I was pretty touched.

Huh. I'd missed that. Probably because title attribute rollovers don't work as they should on my installation of Firefox. So I had to pull up the source code to take a look.

So I guess that would be "conspiracy," then. Very cool.

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