Fifth grade punk rock novel.

(But, you know, at least I'm not being all Piro about it.)

Oh, it is on.

Seriously. It is, in fact, on.

When we come to this point in history, professors of "that which is on" in the future will accept that this was the point in time at which it officially went from not being on, to in fact being on.

Seriously. On. It is.




Is it on?

I'm not sure, JJ. I heard someone hint at it being on, but they could've said "Its Spawn."

I dunno, maybe someone's having a baby.

Dammit, I saw the headline and thought you were gonna give my comic a writeup. In retrospect, it would have been sort of a dig, eh? Ho hum.

Mitch -- there's nothing fifth grade about "Nothing Nice to Say." ;)

It IS Spawn! I'm gonna be a daddy! Whee!

This is true. It is also true that my SO is packing her belongings and is about to be kicked out of her house for not having an abortion.

It is also true that I wore my new Pintsize T-shirt today (that I ordered BEFORE this whole baby thing happened) and that it totally rocks.



Pintsize t-shirts are non baby-vomit-proof, unfortunately. Good luck.

Well then congratulations, Dorkboy!

Don't eat your baby.

Congrats, Dorkboy! Hope things are a little smoother going forward than they are now...


What do you mean, it is on?! Do you know how much electricity it uses?!?

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