For those wondering about Gossamer Commons, we have the first teaser pic for you all. This is Sonata, as drawn by partner in crime Greg Holkan.

Greg's putting the finishing touches on the first two weeks of strips. Our goal is to have a four week buffer, as I've said so many times you're sick of it. I asked Greg to say a few words, and he did. But of course, you didn't hear him. So I quote:

Gossamer Commons is probably the most ambitious project I've been involved with so far, with a really small private scope that pulls from a very wide mythological base. Things are going to get interesting for me as the story develops and things get wonky. I'm going to get the chance to use some techniques I haven't had a reason to touch yet, and I'm excited.

[Gossamer Commons] looks to be really interesting. The issues we're dealing with regarding identity and behavior are really fun. The artwork gets a chance to reflect that somewhat in that I get a chance to spend more time on the inkwork, and I can use more techniques than I get a chance to use with Nemesis.

This will really test me as an artist, because it's set in a real place I've never visited, and to which I have limited access. Thank goodness Eric seems to have someone out there snagging the occasional reference photo for me.

I just want to point out that Greg uses "wonky" in casual conversation. As I do the same thing, I take this to mean this partnership's going to work.

More teasers as we go along!



No really, I'm quite curious to see how this turns out. It's as if Lester Bangs decided to start a rock band. Intruiging!

Hm, seems a bit wonky to me.

Note: do not read anything before chemical assistance has been provided. "Snogging the occasional reference photo" is a frightening concept.

Stupid England and its snogging and shagging. Ruins perfectly good snagging.


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