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I've been kind of riding high on the good reception of the Dumbrella Meet and Greet essay -- it was something of a departure in style from my usual snarking, and you're never entirely sure how it's going to be received when you depart from style.

Well, the ultimate in compliments got paid a little while ago. Andrew Lin, who draws the fun, minimalist Home Run Comic, drew this Reporter Snarky. In his own words:

Your on-the-scene reports from Northampton, and your snarks leading up to said report seem to have triggered a creative urge. Images of Milo Bloom in his press hat jumped into my mind, and I had to put something on paper before I could be productive at work again. Attached is the end result, with apologies to Ursula Vernon for butchering her creation.

Well, I can't speak for Ursula Vernon, but it would stun me if she were anything other than pleased at this Snarky. He's full of pluck and vigor, ready to grab the scoop, chief! And as for me, I loved it. So thank you, and I hope everyone enjoys it.

I'll try to get some honest to God snarking done later today.

Yes, I do still read webcomics. Yeesh, Smartass.


Punk rock hotness.

On a good day, I CAN speak for Ursula Vernon, and I say she thinks he's adorable!

That is really sweet.

He's adorable! Well in the spirit of the thing.

I find myself wondering, however, what a BAD day looks like for our friend UrsulaV there. hehe

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