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Eric: This is getting astoundingly recursive.

(From Narbonic. Click on the thumbnail, if you're a subscriber, for full COLOR and SIZED Burns Sestina goodness! Or click on the link and see whatever Narbonic is today's, if you're not a subscriber!)

Ordinarily, when Websnark gets referred to in a strip I read and happen to mention over here, I put up a "submitted without comment" note at the beginning, and then proceed to comment in like six parenthetical postscripts. It's like humor, only without the laughter part.

But that's not what's happening with this Narbonic. You see, we're officially entering into a feedback loop here, and that should be appropriately noted.

It all started when I put a snark here on Websnark up for auction. It was for charity. And it was really successful, being won ultimately by Jac Olwyn, whose won Snark will be posted in the new year, at Olwyn's request.

Shaenon Garrity, one of the bidders, said that had she won, she would require me to write a snark in the form of a sestina. Which is a poem where....

...no, I refuse to define a sestina again. Just deal with it.

Anyway, while I wasn't obligated to do the sestina, the idea of it appealed to me. And there's nothing that says I can't do stuff that sounds cool just because Garrity didn't win. So I ramped up the difficulty a bit (because while said sestina would be by definition clever instead of great poetry, when you're showing off you might as well go all the way), and I wrote that puppy.

Shaenon asked for the right to reprint it in Narbonic, which she did today, in the post I referred to. And she also did actual hand colored art for it, which makes me bounce happily. Said art is pretty, said typography is decent, and as for the rest....

...well, the rest is something I wrote, so it's not really up to me to say if it's good or if it sucks. But I enjoyed seeing it, and it seemed only appropriate to get another snark out of this whole thing. Next, we just need a Snarkoleptics post about this post, and then a webcomic's rant post about that post, and so on, and so on....

Posted by Eric Burns-White at December 19, 2004 9:47 PM


Comment from: Sam posted at December 20, 2004 3:27 AM

Hey I can comment! Ah the wonderful hightechnological solution of using someone else's computer.

Anyway first of all, Hello. Sorry about not being on topic or anything but I couldn't find any email adress anywhere on the site and i just had to tip off the mighty snarker of two of my favorite webcomics in the vane hopes you might actually snark 'em.

First one is 8-bit theater, a very good sprite comic, a parody on final fantasy. It's amazing how much you can change a characters facial expression just by the removal of two sprites. And how much Clevinger have managed to evolve his artstyle. The character interaction is amazing, the story epical and it has a solid archive of nearly 500 strip (493 as of this writing.)And it's funny.

It's found at http://www.nuklearpower.com/daily.php?date=010302

The other comic is Zebragirl wich I found trough a link on Frefall. I love this one, i just have a weakness for mushy stuff like this. About a completely normal girl, Sandra, who after a magical accident turns into a demon and how she cope with her situation. Also features a wizard, a werewolf, a former child cartoon actor(talking rabbit) and a good telemarketer. Now the art is just beautiful, the best I've ever seen and the characters! Oh, the characters. Just check it out. Sam (the rabbit)is a work of pure unfiltered genius. I think it's only updated once a week unfortunately and the archives are not very big. And I don't know how long it will continue after the year ends. And yes, it stea,,, borrows heavily from Sluggy Freelance.

It can be found at


Be sure to check out Sandras journal if you go there.

So there, next time I might actually post a relevant comment. Nice poem by the way. Hmm... I see in my preview of the post that it's kinda messy, hope the html code I've thrown in makes a difference.

Comment from: Chris Anthony posted at December 20, 2004 7:20 AM

For what it's worth, Sam, the FAQ: About Websnark.com has the email address you're looking for, in obfuscated form, in the answer to the last question.

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