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Eric: Seriously, dude. That cat'll cut you.

(From Diesel Sweeties. Click on the thumbnail for full sized cheerful threats of violent retribution!)

One thing I've always liked about Diesel Sweeties is R. Stevens's willingness to mess shit up. He doesn't rest on the premise, even though he also doesn't hugely stray from it. Indy Rock Pete was a hapless virgin for a long while... and then he hooked up with Pale Suzie for a while, and that was different. The humor stayed the same (this strip is the antithesis of the Cerebus Syndrome attempt), but the situations got shuffled. It stayed fresh.

Well, he's messing with the core relationship of the strip now -- Maura, the alcoholic ex porn star and Clango the extremely pleasant robot are in trouble, romantically. Maura got drunk and had sex with Electron Mike (man, who knew there was that much alcohol in the world), and Clango's headed out on his own. He dated Pale Suzie, which led an outraged Maura (outraged under the theory that she "waited until she was drunk to cheat on Clango!" to come deck the cheery goth. Through it all, Red Robot's been egging Clango on cheerfully... it's just fun.

I'm good with whatever happens next. I suspect that Maura and Clango will hook back up (they always seem to, even though Maura's... well, a pretty crap girlfriend. Once Clango's head got separated from his body, and when his batteries ran down and he seemed to die, her response was "huh -- guess I need a new boyfriend"), but if they don't I'm good with that too. There'll still be good stuff following. It's all interesting, it's all fun, it's all funny. Life's good, man.

Posted by Eric Burns-White at December 17, 2004 10:50 AM


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