There is something remarkable about Bruce Timm's team on Justice League Unlimited. They understand the depths of the source material they have to work with, and at the same time they made it very clear that their Batman, Superman, and all the rest is in their own universe... that takes nothing away from the full D.C. Universe (or any variation we've seen). This is something different. Something seperate. But it never forgets where it came from.

Tonight's episode, "Ultimatum," embodied this. The source material for what they did came straight out of Keith Giffen's work in the (non-Legion) parts of the D.C. Universe during the late eighties and early nineties, out of the Roger Stern era Superman titles (post-Byrne)... and out of the Super Friends.

And it was glorious. It was entirely consistent, within itself, but it remembered where it came from. Right down to the moralizing at the end of any given Super Friends adventure. ("He's certainly... earnest," Aquaman says. "How about Corny, Superman snaps back. Clearly put out and a little jealous, no less.)

There were tiny touches, in architecture, in echoes of the Legion of Doom, in the names, in throwaway references... and in the final standoff at the end.

It was, to quote X-Play (and many others), a total nerdgasm. And any doubts I had for this repurposing of Justice League are now well and truly gone. These guys know what they're doing.

And how dare they make Aquaman that cool?


It was fun to read this right after watching the episode. You summed up my thoughts exactly. Although JL's been somewhat hit and miss for me, when it's good, it's VERY good.

Hunh... "nerdgasm" is a new one on me. I'd always heard (and used) the term "dorkgasm." Closer to the source word and all.

We got this episode a few weeks back in Canada. Bwahaha. (Wait until you see the next Atom one.)

The term I've always used is "fangasm."

And they aired the Atom episode a couple or three months back in the States - I second Sembazuru's recommendation of it, btw.

I've heard "geekasm".

No, the SECOND Atom episode. The one written by Warren Ellis.

Ah, yes - that was a fun one.

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