Updates on Bowling Shirts!


For the record, we've broken eleven bowling shirt orders (which vastly exceeds my original expectation, which was 'me and my mother.' Particularly when one realizes my mother didn't actually want one. Bitch.

Well, beyond making me a happy panda, this means the base bowling shirt cost is now down to the $31.95 price point. Which is likely where it's going to stay, since we'd need another ten people to hit the $26.95 price point, and I don't see that happening.

So, $31.95 for the shirt, +$4.00 for Priority Mail shipping. +$4.95 per word if you want an embroidered name. YAY!


I would definitely get one if I wasn't a poor college student. If you do hit the 26 point I might be able to, but that doesn't seem too likely. Oh well, no Snarky for me. u.u

Likewise, I am poor and studentiential. But, if I can make a difference in cracking the 26-point...



No sweat at all! Just your reading's way enough for me.

And if you become desperate for Snarky, you can get a (much less expensive) tchotchke from Cafepress probably by the end of the week. Or not, if you prefer. I'm doing fine. ;)

Well, I was thinking that if you got enough people saying "well, if you break the 26-point" then maybe we could all move as a team in a *elite tactical bowling shirt strike*

But that's probably just wishful thinking.

So, since I'm in Europe, the localized google ads today are for French and German bowling alleys.

Are we paying by paypal once things are settled? Don't worry, I'm having it shipped to a US address.

so, does $4.95 per word equate to $9.90 for a first and last name?

OK. I've held out as long as I can. Sign me up for one. Details in a separate email.


Why can I not resist this?

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