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Eric: Sigh... times are tough.

(From RPG World. Click on the thumbnail for full sized Resolution!)

It's going to be a good time for the end of hiatuses. Next week, the oft-brilliant and terminally pleasant Todd and Penguin's supposed to return from guest month, Questionable Content is due back from guest week, and we've just seen the return after a long while of RPG World.

I've missed RPG World. I like the conceit and premise alike. I like Jim, the guy who plays RPG World. I like the interweaving of what we would now have to call "classic" turn based RPGs with the characterizations. I like Hero. I like Cherry. I like Diane. And I like Ian Jones-Quartey in general.

The return of RPG World hasn't been phenomenal -- he's got a little bit of what the wrestling world calls ring rust -- but it's been solid. And his artwork continues to evolve. There's a little bit of Rowland's (and even Carol Lay's) influence in his facial expressions now, which is kind of cool. And there is actual resolution in this strip. That's a major thing. Though it also implies that either someone's going to horribly die (hey, I played Final Fantasy VII) or that we're beginning the endgame of RPGWorld. (Though of course, Blacksoft will hopefully put out a sequel....)

Either way, it's fun to watch Hero's strategic ineptitude and Cherry's slightly embarrassed smile once more.

(And next week? Todd and Penguin!)

Posted by Eric Burns-White at October 3, 2004 11:27 AM


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