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Eric: See? Layered storytelling. This is why he got to marry Jane Pauley and I didn't. Also, I was twelve.

(From Doonesbury. Click on the thumbnail for full sized life moving on!)

There's an awful lot layered in today's Doonesbury. On the one hand, we have a political/topical joke. On the other, we have the resolution of one level of B.D.'s plotline, as he moves out of Walter Reed and over to somewhere else. On the third, we have the tacit subcontext -- the War isn't over, and soldiers are still dying, and our recovery infrastructure is still being taxed. And there's the curious lack of interest in that war on a day to day basis, both on B.D.'s part and through him the American people's.

Also, take a moment and look at the art. Four panels, four perspectives, including one in silhouette -- which gives the whole thing a "dawning light" feel that subtextually sets up the joke in the fourth panel.

This is why Trudeau is the king. This is how to do politics and topicality in a strip and not make the strip an editorial cartoon, right here.

Posted by Eric Burns-White at October 4, 2004 11:59 AM


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