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Hear that sound? Hear it?

That's the sound of Shaenon Garrity collecting my expectations and kicking them to the fucking curb. That's the sound of my brain being shattered into a million tiny spinning crystal shards. That's the sound of sheer brilliance.

The last several days of buildup have been done extremely well. The payoff still managed to come out of left field, and yet falls back on the core Mad Science principle.

Shaenon Garrity gets a biscuit. That's right. A tasty, tasty biscuit.


I so totally expected it to be Helen's mother, because I was pretty much out of ideas for who else it could be, and Shaenon's comments suggested a collision of the Dave & Helen threads... so indeed, this is a nice twist.

A look at the table of contents would have clued you in. "Professor Madblood and the Lovelace Affair" is a very suggestive chapter title.

I was all set to complain about the "biscuit" system as soon as I got my first biscuit -- or, at the very least, comment, "Arf" -- but, as usual, absurdly inflated flattery has stayed my hand.

Also, I actually was eating a biscuit when I read this. Last night I found a British grocery (you can find anything in San Francisco) where I bought a Cadbury Milk Bar and a packet of McVitties Digestive Biscuits, which I had been missing ever since I left Dublin six years ago.

Bo -- my assumption was Lovelace was Madblood himself, or a sister. On the outside, it could have been a new android.

I never thought it would just be a computer, period.

Shaenon -- you see? Biscuits will save the world. And now I'm desperately craving a Cadbury Crunchie. The nearest one of which to me being at a British Store in Freeport, two hours away. And they're open crappy hours.

Oh, we got a Crunchie bar, too!

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