"Hello, this the the Hyundai Department of Motor Vehicles. How may I help you?"


(From Irregular Webcomic. Click on the link for full sized branding!)

In his annotations, Morgan-Mar says that he's surprised governments haven't already done this. I guess I'm surprised too. Still, given he uses his Nigerian Treasury Ministry strips to hit every corporate Get Rich Quick scheme and internet scam, I think the juxtaposition here is hilarious.

I also want to point out an amenity that will mean nothing to any of you, but is an absolute freaking Godsend to people with websites like mine. In his navigation tool (which remains a best of breed in terms of functionality), he includes a link that's standard for Blogs and almost unknown for Webcomics: "this strip's permanent URL: http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/cgi-bin/comic.pl?comic=624" Sure. This may seem obvious to you, sitting there in your chair, but there's a lot of steps I need to take to craft the fine, precision blathering you're reading here. I have to identify a strip I want to Snark, download the graphic, upload-and-thumbnail it on my site, and identify a permanent link for the thumbnail link. See, I don't want to just point you to their website: my snarks are typically about specific strips in their archive, so it makes sense to link to that archive page.

Only for the most part, the archive page URL is different from the main page URL, but in many cases the archive page isn't readily available until the next strip comes out. So, I have to trick the site into giving me a URL that I can use -- generally by going to the last strip in the archive, then incrementing it up. Generally, that will either give me the archive page or will default back to the main page for the day, but either way it's a link I can put in.

(In some rare cases, it returns a 404, and I have to delay that snark until the next time the strip updates. Only I don't tend to like snarking the archive instead of the current strip, so in a practical sense it means I don't snark that webcomic.)

Morgan-Mar takes all that away. I just copy, paste and am done. Life is good.

I am praying that when Web Comics Nation rolls out, it does something like this automatically. Praying!


Morgan-Mar appears to approach Irregular Webcomic more in the traditional blog mode (polls, permalinks, catagorisation, etc.) than the traditional webcomic mode.

This is a Good Thing (TM).

Wow. That was so easy to implement.

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