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Eric: PvP Update Pool: Day 1!

PvPLogo.gifImages, naturally, taken from PvP.

Welcome to the first day of an exciting new game! It's PvP Update Pool, and you can enjoy the sweet sweet taste of victory!

See, PvP is one of those strips that forms the foundation of its cartoonist's living. Scott Kurtz makes his money and feeds his family with the PvP crew. At this stage, of course, it's the Image Comics deal that probably brings in the most money, though there's also merchandising and advertising and other things. And Kurtz deserves his success -- he can sometimes piss me the Hell off, but his strip is one of the most consistent I read -- it brings the funny, each and every day, and evolves without bogging down. It's just. Plain. Good.

But his updating is haphazard at best.

Now, for the Webcartoonists who don't make their strip their living, snarking about lateness of updates is out of bounds. I might decided to move a strip to the "Sporadically Read" or "You Had Me And You Lost Me" lists because of update wonkiness, but I won't rag on them. They're not getting paid and generally we're not paying for the strip -- we get what we get, damn it. On the other hand, webcartoonists who don't update on a schedule end up losing readers, since people tend to read strips at given times of day. (Not everyone has as little life as I have.)

pvp20040824.gifBut when it's your job to produce your strip, all bets are off. You're producing this thing for an audience to, ultimately, put food on your table. Sporadic updating shows a disrespect for the audience who're paying your bills. That Kurtz now has comic book deals doesn't change the above. The deals are for PvP, and you don't dump the girl you showed up with, damn it!

But! A wonky update schedule means big fun! Each day, when you get up bright and early, you can decide when you think PvP will update. Feel free to leave your guess in the comments from the previous day's entries, or just keep it in your head. Then, when PvP updates, I'll let you know! If your time is closest... you win!

Because spending the day refreshing PvP isn't the most productive use of my time, and there's no good way to ensure knowing when the site updates that way, we are instead going to use the RSS feed (http://www.heterosapiens.com/~crschmidt/pvponline.xml) as the official time of posting for this event. Note that Livejournal's feed of it has times that don't match, so I'm using an RSS reader to know the answer each day. Also please note that times are rendered in Eastern Daylight Time until Daylight Savings Time expires, and then they'll be rendered in Eastern Standard Time. It's unfair, because Scott Kurtz is in Central Time, not Eastern, but I don't care. So there. Besides, if he posted close to the same time every day (say, through automated systems like every other webcomic on Earth, the way he does when he goes away), I wouldn't care what time he updated. It's consistency we love.

For historical data's sake, looking back from today's update back to the first day he came back from vacation (we don't count the guest strips), update times range from 5:31 am to 11:35 pm. Good luck there.

If, by the way, we learn that the RSS system updates way off from the strip's updating, we'll acknowledge it and try to think of something else.

So! What do you get if you win?

Nothing. Jesus. It's a game, not a contest.

Day One of the Update Pool's Certified Result is: 5:27 PM.

Start putting your bids in now!

Posted by Eric Burns-White at August 24, 2004 11:38 PM


Comment from: MasonK posted at August 25, 2004 2:06 AM

Put me down for 3:27 PM.

But you don't fool me, Mister Man. You're just trying to get comments from us. I'm on to you!

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